• Dölling´sche Bogenmacher und Instrumentenmacher in Markneukirchen im Vogtland

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    One hundred years of Dölling bow-making (1898 - 1998)

    The tradition of manufacturing string bows in the Upper Vogtland exists now for more than 200 years. Family Dölling started first in violin-making, for more than 100 years and now over four generations they are also responsible for the good reputation of the Vogtland bow-making.
    In 1898 Otto Dölling (1878 - 1966) opened a bow-making workshop.
    Two of his sons, Kurt Dölling (1902 - 1952) and Heinz Dölling (1913 - 2001) learned their job in their father´s workshop.
    Having passed his master craftsmen exam in 1947 Heinz Dölling founded his own workshop in Wernitzgrün near Markneukirchen. In 1965 he moved to Erlbach, which lies nearby.


    Werkstatt 1935       Werkstatt 1960       Werkstatt 1988       Werkstatt 2002


    His son Bernd Dölling passed his master craftsmen exam in 1972. He worked with his father at the Erlbach workshop until he opened his own bow-making workshop in 1985 in Wernitzgrün.
    There he works with his son Michael Dölling, who was born in 1968 and took his apprenticeship in his father´s workshop. Michael passed the master craftsmen exam in bow-making in 1992.

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    Otto Dölling - founder of the company



    As early as 1898 Otto Dölling (1878 - 1966) opened bow-making workshop in Markneukirchen.


    Otto Dölling (in the center) with his two sons Kurt (left) and Heinz (right)


      (You can see details if you draw down over the pictures)



      Violin bow ebony frog/gold fittings


      Violin bow ebony frog/silver fittings


      (You can see details if you draw down over the pictures)





      Viola bow amber frog/gold fittings




      Viola bow ebony frog/gold fittings


      (You can see details if you draw down over the pictures)

      Violoncello bow ebony frog/gold fittings

      (You can see details if you draw down over the pictures)




      double Bass bow - french Model ebony frog/silver fittings


      double Bass bow - german Model ebony frog/silver fittings

      (You can see details if you draw down over the pictures)


      Viola d amore - Baroque bow stick of snakewood/mammoth frog


      In addition to our own handmade bows, you can buy Chinese and Mongloic bow hair in different lenghts at our workshop.

      We also always have a variety of old master bows in stock. If you are interested in these offers, please do not hesitate to contact us.
  • The series of bows/sticks is marked by using of high quality, so

    called English pernambuco.
    The wood is seasoned for more than 50 years.
    We exclusively make Gold sticks in high quality handcrafted work.
    The bows are serially numbered.
    There is one special marker - an optics in the frog, showing the

    three generations of the Dölling firm.

    Otto Dölling 17.04.1878 bis 26.03.1966
    Heinz Dölling 19.07.1913 bis 16.08.2001
    Bernd Dölling 17.09.1942
    B. Michael Dölling 28.06.1968

    You can see the optics if you draw down.

  • Dölling bow-making - References

    Internationally recognized artists like David Oistrach from Russia, Yehudi Menuhin and Ruggiero Ricci from the USA or the Finnish cello player Erkki Rautio play (or played) bows of his workshop of Heinz Dölling.

    The solo cello player of the Metropolitan Opera in New York, Rafael Figueroa, and his representative Dorothea Noack recently acquired Dölling cello bows.

    One example is the long lasting friendship which bound Bernd Dölling with the Viennna bass player Ludwig Streicher, who recognized and appreciated, as do many customers ,the individual advice which the bow-makers Dölling grant their customers.

  • In 1969 Heinz Dölling won a Gold medal for his violin bow at the international competition in Liège.

    Michael Dölling 1999/2004, at the 2nd and 3rd international violin and bow making competition in Paris, his bass bow was avarded a "mention spéciale" and a "Certificat of merit".

    In 2005 Michael Dölling won a Gold medal for his cello bow and for his viola bow he became a silver medal and a special awards from the German Association of Violinmakers and Bowmakers at the 5th International Violin Making competition in Mittenwald.